Results-orientated, permanent change

Crone Coaching kent drie diensten die per kandidaat op maat worden ingezet: een Coaching traject, een Loopbaanbegeleidingstraject en een Outplacementtraject.

After an initial interview, we will decide on the goal of the program and the working method. We will also decide when the program will be deemed to have been successful.

Een eventuele Opdrachtgever wordt in deze fase ook in staat gesteld zijn input te geven.

Next, I will write a personal, tailored plan. to serve as the backbone of a thorough, solid process.

In the conversations to follow we will look at the ‘gap’ between your desired situation and your present situation. We will then look at how you can arrive at the desired situation and what this will take.

And the end of the process, I will discuss the result with you and we will decide which information is relevant for the referring employer. If desired, these results can be shared with the employer.

I am convinced that when you share your acquired insights with others you will optimise their effect, and it will help consolidate the change you have accomplished. It will help you sit more firmly in the saddle and reinforce the results.

Apart from coaching talks, I use scientifically validated personality tests. These supplement the talks and help to refine the picture of your competences and skills