About Paul Crone

Your passion and talent as the basis of your life and work

Following my training in Personnel and Organization, I worked in recruitment and selection for a considerable time. I then worked as a career advisor for many years. From 2007 on I have specialized in coaching individuals.

After reflecting on my own career, I decided to make my dream come true and became self-employed. I set up Crone Coaching in 2010.

I believe in trying to live and work on the basis of one’s passion and talent.

My own talents are: an ability to listen to others, to truly hear what the other person is saying and to have a one-on-one focus.

It is my passion to help people and organisations ahead, to develop and counsel them.

My long-standing experience with many companies and organisations allow me to empathise with a range of situations.

In Crone Coaching I have bundled my passion, talent and experience. I has delivered many times and achieved strong results.

I am enthusiastic and quickly win people’s confidence as I’m forthright and want to hear what you are saying. In conversations, I am able to hit the right note and create a safe atmosphere. My way of communicating is clear and precise. Although I am a patient listener, I believe in moving forward and going for results. My working method is pragmatic and based on facts. I dislike stagnation: instead, my coaching aims to get people moving. I will help you achieve the set goal in a sincere, positive and stimulating way.