I found a job that fitted me, and a positive side-effect has been that I have become more self-aware and self-assured

Outplacement is provided when an employment relationship is being ended. The goal is to find a new, suitable position for you as a candidate.

As a candidate you go through a mourning process, having to learn to cope with what has happened. Crone Coaching believes there has to be a moment to reflect on the loss, while also looking swiftly at what comes next. You will be encouraged to get moving and take a next step. It has been shown that results are achieved much faster this way.

Following a person-centred analysis (who am I, what do I want, what can I do) your profile will be interpreted and translated to specific positions in the job market. Once the direction to work in is clear, it is time for networking and applying for a job.

Crone Coaching has a sound understanding of the job market and a large business network. I will also teach you to network, apply for a job and improve your negotiation skills.
It may become clear that additional schooling will give you better opportunities in the job market. In that case this will be discussed with you and with the employer that referred you for outplacement.

At the end of the program you will have mapped yourself; you will know what you stand for, what your qualities are and what you want. And, just as importantly, you will have the ability to project this to other people. This way you can stand out and improve your chances in the job market.

Crone Coaching does not just believe in achievement, but promises it as well: over 95% of candidates have taken a new, successful career step within the agreed time period.

The average outplacement program takes between 6 and 9 months