Career guidance

I do my work well, but I feel washed out and insecure about my career

In a career guidance program we deal with a question related to your career, but I also support you in your personal growth.

Common questions include: am I in the right place, how can keep developing myself, which direction do I want to head in and what do I want to work towards? Am I still enjoying my job, do I get enough energy out of it? How do I achieve a desired position?

To answer these questions we look at who you are, what you find important, and what capabilities you have.

What are your talents, your incentives, your qualities and your skills? Examining yourself closely will give you an insight into your possibilities and wishes as well as improving your ability to determine in which direction you want to be headed or should be headed. You can then take a new step.

Next, it is important to put this new focus or direction to the test. We will determine whether the identified aims are achievable.

At the end of the program, you as a candidate will have a clear insight into your career perspective for the coming years. You will be able to guide your career independently and proactively. The first results will soon be evident from your performance.

The average program takes 2 to 3 months