Amazing how quickly a positive change in my attitude and behavior could occur

When you embark on a coaching program you have a personal question you want an answer to.

Common questions include: how can I communicate more effectively, how do I set my boundaries, how do I make sound decisions, how do I enhance my self-confidence, how do I go back to enjoying my job? How do I structure my work and my life after a burnout? How do I reinforce myself in order to stop falling into the same trap or making the same mistakes?

You may be running into the same old mechanisms you want to be rid of. Maybe you get tangled up in certain emotions, or you keep slipping into behavior that obstructs you in your job or in your daily life. In short: each person has different reasons for starting on a coaching program.

At the start of the program we determine your goal together, or we work out what question you have and what result you want to achieve.

In the course of the program you will gain insight into your behaviour and the way you do things. You will find out about your pitfalls and vulnerabilities. But you will also discover where your strengths and talents lie. You will learn to convert inhibiting behaviour into new, desired behaviour. And you will start putting this new behaviour into practice, and I will evaluate it.

At the end of the program, you will have achieved your goal(s) and answered your personal question. You will have taken specific steps and learned new behaviour. You will also be able to identify effective behaviour, and have the skills to maintain effective behaviour. You will have gained the confidence to change and experiment in other fields as well. In other words, you will be able to coach yourself.

An individual coaching program takes 2 to 3 months on average.