"Confronting and very instructive"

‘Intensive, no-nonsense coaching, continually establishing a link with your daily work in a professional way. Of course the sessions are sometimes confronting, but they are always constructive, offering pointers, tips and tricks for daily use. Sometimes a sketch on a notepad will clarify things, sometimes it will be a spontaneous role-playing game. Rather than turning you into a different person, I will teach you to be aware of your own behavior and to deal with situations. This will make you more confident and will give a more professional impression. ‘For me, this was the right impetus to lift my work to a still higher level.’

‘It has widened as well as deepened my horizon’

‘Afterwards I have sometimes thought: if only I had done this earlier on in my career. More reflection, focus, inner calm, empathy. These are only a few of the terms the program deals with. If you take yourself seriously and are momentarily lost, if you want to look ahead or find other whether you’re still on the right track, for those who are open to it I would recommend taking a step back from the issues of the day and doing a coaching program with Paul. It can be quite enlightening. 
It has widened as well as deepened my horizon.’

‘‘I felt supported, listened to and understood’

‘It’s a pleasure working with Paul, he senses perfectly when it’s time for some pressure and when it’s time for reflection. I felt supported, listened to and understood.’

‘Sometimes it was confronting, but in the end it was hugely positive. What’s important now is to keep it up.’

‘Key words like professional guidance and trust are things I have had the benefit of experiencing from Crone Coaching. Paul’s program has helped me gain insight into my personal interests, skills and pitfalls. With those insights I want to keep on shaping my professional career and focus on developing my strengths.
I recommend this program to anyone, as long as you are genuinely interested in discovering yourself!’

‘No empty promises and no unrealistic expectations’

‘I warmly recommend Crone Coaching to anyone. The main reason for this is that when I send one of my employees to him, I always get an employee back whose performance has improved. No empty promises and no unrealistic expectations. The members of staff who receive the coaching are enthusiastic about the personal approach.’

‘A bit strange, but quite pleasant’

‘I had my doubts about the use of the program and started on it with some suspicion. But it immediately became evident that my prejudices were wrong. Paul has helped me fantastically with finding a job that truly suits me. As a result, I am more self-aware and self-assured. He has a respectful way of confronting you with beliefs that are not always helpful.
 I’ve noticed a great difference, I’m calmer now and more balanced. It’s not just myself who benefits from this, but my surroundings as well.

"After 50 years of unclear blockages, finally broken. A liberation."

"Paul Crone is the perfect conversation partner to show you why you act the way you act and respond the way you respond. He quickly gets to the core of your behaviour and the why and gives you the tools you need to change what you want to change. I experienced the entire process as very useful and effective. "

‘Paul is one in a million!’

‘Infinitely patient, he is able to confront people with their own behaviour in such a way that they never feel attacked or abandoned.
Paul is able to put his finger on the problem, has a profound understanding of the human brain and, most importantly, is an agreeable person, sensitive and humorous.
I can recommend him warmly.’

‘There are many coaches and trainers going around, but Paul is the pearl you won’t come across often.

‘In order to connect with the development of my staff, I had a few conversations with Paul myself. It has given me a clearer image of myself, as a person as well as a manager. This has enabled me to provide better guidance to my staff.’

‘I’m enjoying what I’m doing again!’

‘I was stuck in my career. I wanted something else, but on my own, I couldn’t formulate what it was I wanted. Paul was like a navigation system for me. I now see my own map clearly, I know exactly what I want and which values and conditions are important for me, both in my work and in my private life. I’m enjoying what I’m doing again!’

‘‘I’m convinced that because of his method, Paul can get more out of a person than any other training program can.

‘Thanks to Paul I have started to look at myself, work on myself and put myself into words. It has allowed me to be truly open to others, but I have also learnt how to set my boundaries. I owe it largely to Paul that I’m now doing what I like doing. By motivating you, asking follow-up questions and being critical at the right times, he has encouraged me to push my own boundaries and to have a clearly thought out action plan. Now, a year on, I haven’t regretted my decision for a minute!’